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Crossing the River

Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Development

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About Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Development  (APCHD)

OUR THREE THRUSTS (2022 - onwards)


1. Cultural Heritage Sustainable Development


2. Indigenous Peoples Support


3. Natural Resources Conservation (with foci on agriculture, reforestation, agrarian reform, agroforestry and climate change mitigation, adaptation, education enforcement and disaster resilience)


GENERAL PHILOSOPHY Conserved heritage and protected Earth beyond globalization


VISION A harmonious world of humanity with deep and scientific knowledge in intercultural diversity and biosphere conservation


MISSION Bringing the wisdom of the past for the wisdom of the past for the present generations to learn how to live the future in good faith and continuous progress




1. To empower local and indigenous communities and other groups of people in the Asia and the Pacific region to participate fully in social and cultural life through proper and right information dissemination and project implementation on the diversities of values including conservation to symbolic, historic, artistic, aesthetic, ethnological or anthropological, scientific and social significance of a particular heritage


2. To effectuate tangible representations, researches and documentations of the value systems, beliefs, custom, traditions, genealogies and lifestyles as essential part of cultural heritage in the Asia and the Pacific region that contains visible, readable and understandable traces and studies from antiquity to the recent past


3. To maintain progressive, harmonious and united cultural diversities as inevitable part of rapid globalization in the Asia and the Pacific region with continuous intercultural dialogues that encourage, convey, motivate, herald and adhere mutual respect for others’ ways of life and for conflict prevention and reconciliation


4. To conserve the environment and natural resources from any form of exploitation, destruction or neglect in the Asia and the Pacific region through any appropriate scientific research or any effective indigenous program for the beneficial and sustainable development of the balance ecosystem regardless of geographical locations and for the symbiotic relationships of natural creations


5. To plan, implement, administer, manage, supervise, monitor and to evaluate programs and establishments in relations to cultural heritage and environment conservation and sustainable development in the Asia and the Pacific region in partnership with local and indigenous communities, educational institutions, government offices and agencies, international communities and willing private individual / individuals and organizations for the same aforementioned cause


*******Date of Establishment of APCHD and SEC Registration > 29 October 2009. Date of Establishment at Sta. Ines, Mabalacat, Pampanga, The Philippines through the help of Rev. Fr. Froilan Saluta of the Diocese of San Fernando in La Union, Architect Martin Tinio Jr., Senator Heherson Alvarez, Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. and of Bro. Amir Salamat.


> 09 January 2010. Our group started to collect deeper details about our indigenous origins and about our ancestral relations to the people of Cordillera. Cultural heritage sustainable development projects begun.​


> ​11 July 2011. Fellow educated Igorots planned to organize our first non-stock, non-profit cultural association named Society of Dynamic Cordillerans for the students and out-of-school-youth not just of Mapita, Laoag, Aguilar, Pangasinan, The Philippines, but as well as of the various indigenous peoples to continue their studies and to have the best future that awaited them. Humanitarian projects with cultural heritage sustainable development projects begun across the Philippines.​ ​

> 11 July 2013. Though Typhoon Juaning was hitting the northern part of Luzon with strong winds and heavy rain, we still continued our project to have the ceremonial school ground-breaking of the soon-to-be world class private secondary high school for the indigenous peoples of Northern Luzon located in our more than a hectare land at Mapita, Aguilar, Pangasinan, The Philippines. It was indeed a successful project. The heavy and unpredictable rain of Typhoon Juaning did not stop us. We were able to present to the officers our income generating projects for our fellow indigenous people there such as local products made from the place's raw materials that could be imported because of its world class designs and handmade. The people involved here are descendants from Casiguran Dumagat, Ifugao, Ibaloi, Kankana ey, Tiduray and Ivatan ethnic groups from the Philippines and Otomi Indians of Mexico. On this day, the Society of Dynamic Cordillerans was formally and officially organized. Humanitarian projects with ultural heritage sustainable development, indigenous peoples support and natural resources conservation projects continued across the Philippines.


> 15 January 2019. Started the renaming of the Society of Dynamic Cordillerans to Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Development. > 09 March 2020. Cancellations of all Society of Dynamic Cordillerans' major activities due to COVID-19 that included the SEC Registration of Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Development Inc. from its former name Society of Dynamic Cordillerans.​


> 12 October 2020. The first Feast Day of Blessed of Carlo Acutis. The Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Development became the permanent social action arm of the Sodality of Blessed Carlo Acutis through the servant leadership of Rev. Fr. Timoteo Jose M. Ofracio, SJ who was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of APCHD and the Founding Father of the Sodality of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Every 12th day of October is the Feast Day of APCHD.


> 01 May 2022. Resuming of APCHD. ​> 23 June 2022. The re application of APCHD for SEC registration was started again. Humanitarian projects with cultural projects re opened and recontinued across the Philippines and reaching out again to Mexico, Indonesia, Pacific islands, Australia, Taiwan and New Zealand​. ​> 26 July 2022. Finally, after more than two years, ASIA PACIFIC CULTURAL HERITAGE DEVELOPMENT INC. was certified with incorporation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Humanitarian projects with cultural projects continue.

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